Jean-Baptiste Delafosse  is an engraver of interpretation and cartography (etching and chisel), also  pastelist, publisher and dealer of French prints born in Paris in 1721, died in  Paris, where he was installed at 10, rue Bonaparte , in 1806 .The map pre-dates  the inclusion of Cook's discoveries in Australia and New Zealand, and shows a  still unexplored  Northwest Coast of America .The map is  rare with no other  recorded examples .It was part of a " false atlas " which is a collection of   map organized by a collector or an individual  not published in several exemplar  .It  is a set including Asia , Europe , America and Africa .I would make a great  set framed on a wall .Poland is still drawn as a country , there is a mention  that the colored borders are only meaning to represent region not finalized  geographic borders .I found mention of Gentot as a Family of engravers of the  eighteenth century established in Lyon: Balthazar Gentot (father), Pierre Gentot  (son). The last drawing looks like a Delafosse sketch of the said Pierre Gentot  , it was used cut as tab to hold the different pages of the " false atlas " , I  reconstituted the drawing on an acid free board  for safe keeping .If someone purchase the set of 5 maps it would be included as  a bonus .

26.5 x  18.5 inches cooper plate engraving with hand coloringGood condition; light  toning and occasional faint age spots; some marginal handling marks . 

Large Antique French map of Europe 1779 by Delafosse engraved in Lyon

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