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Auguste Henri Dufour, born in Paris in 1795 and died in 1865, is a French geographer.He studied with Lapie and worked with him on several maps of the Depot de la Marine. In 1824, he published for the first time, under his own name, a Geographical Analysis of the Map of Palestine, and from that time took part in a host of historical or topographical publications of which he prepared and drew the plans and maps. Andriveau-Goujon was a map and atlas editor from 1825 to 1890 .This map was distributed by Lanee. There is no mention of the civil war division of 1861 , Nevada , Colorado , Dakota are not yet formally recognized as state , most of the land they will occupy being still Indian territory listed as " District " ( district des Osages by example ) , overall a very fine and attractive historical map. It comes with the original folding case .

H 39 x 26.5 inches each map .Condition report: Good condition; light toning and occasional faint age spots; some marginal handling marks . I guaranty my Antiques to be original

Large Antique French 1863 A.H.Dufour Map of North America Linen back

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