Jules Carpentier was specialized  in electrical and magnetic measuring instruments: galvanometers, ammeters, but also photographic and optical instruments. The ruler to scale is missing , over all it is in good condition .

Jules Adrien Carpentier (1851-1921) after his polytechnic diploma in 1873 became an engineer for the state then bought in 1878 the Ruhmkorff workshops located opposite the old Sorbonne, 15 rue Champollion in Paris. Following on from the famous builder Ruhmkorff (1803-1877), he embarked on the invention and manufacture of precision scientific instruments.He was part of the early scientist who invented modern cinema , he was present at Louis Lumière's cinematographic demonstration at the Société d'Encouragement. At the end of the lecture, Lumière suggested that Carpentier should make manufacture this new camera/projector.Carpentier continued to work with Lumière: at least 700 or 800 Cinématographes were eventually made, followed by the Carpentier-Lumière for films 400 meters long, for use with 75 mm cameras and projectors (1900).

H.14 x D.4.5 . 

Jules Carpentier optical instruments late 19th.