Elie Grekoff (1914–1985) is the illustrator, a Russian-born French artist , he was  master " carton " creatorbetween 1945 and 1980, he did  perform over 3000 m² of tapestry cartons, from a style imaged patterns increasingly abstract. Most weavings were undertaken in the Aubusson workshops by master craftsmen like Pinton brothers, Raymond Picaud or Marianne Caron. This tapestry is silksreen to replicate the feel of a weaved Aubusson .From my research this work is from the 1950's since his style became more abstract in the 1960's.It is part of a series on the Zodiac , this one is Gemini or the twin   

Size 47x39,  white border  included

Elie Grekoff Silkscreen modernist French tapestry Aubusson Gemini