From the geography  this globe is from the  early 19350's . The Forest  company is a very well know French company which produced until the 1950's and  become " Taride" in later date , this globe is made with a glass ball  with  gores glued over by hand, this superior craftsmanship disappeared  shortly after the 1960's. Jacques Adnet is mentioned as its designer in  auction like Christies , It definitely looks like his design , I believe   is a good value in term of  historical content and decorative cachet (  considering it is unique).Solid brass orb , solid walnut base with glass lighted globe .Israel is not yet on the map , leningrad preset  , Austria not part of Germany ,Manchuria occupied ( Manchukuo ) so it point to the early 1930.

Size globe : around  9  , H.18 base 7x7 , lighted globe with US socket and new wire , the paper is in  very good condition with fresh color . Small dot of missing paper in the ocean.


    Adnet lighted French Glass Globe glass 1935