Made  in France in the 1950 this wool tapestry reflect the democratic desire of that  time to produce affordable art . Debieve  tapestry use the vocabulary of natural  symbol like the sun , animal and  water mixing decorative subject  with  everyday life  scene .   Robert  Debiève (1926-1994)  is was hired by Nay furniture factories in the 60s (and MINVIELLE CABANNE). He  renewed the design of modern furniture by introducing new materials, but also  the layout and decoration of the apartment. 
Designing  wagon train or shows great liners, he also worked for the  Aubusson workshops and contemporary tapestry. 
In parallel, he developed a pictorial work largely inspired by the changing  colors of Provence ponds and its colorful scenery.  Those tapestry are to be placed on wall to bring an organic feel to a mid  century interior , those creators answered to the need of bringing some warmth  to an otherwise cold mass produce style of furnishing so prevalent in the 1950's  and 1960's .

Size 58 x 32 . Signed in the back  with the Corot  label


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