Created in France  in the 1970 Op art kinetic painting by Victor Vasarely ,recognized for his work in kinetics / op art. His works can  be found in Art Galleries and Museum around the world. This screen printing  poster was featured in 1973 at IKI Düsseldorf ( which was a big art market ).This is the process by which several layers of ink are manually  pressed through thin screens, creating a work that evokes a painting on paper.  Publisher: Galerie Lahumière, Paris, 1973. This gallery located in the heart of  the Marais in Paris close to the Picasso Museum, is specialized since 1963 in  the presentation of artists and kinetic works and Op / Art. Original poster.  Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian-French artist, who is widely accepted as a  “grandfather” and leader of the op art movement. Utilizing geometric shapes and  colorful graphics, the artist created compelling illusions of spatial depth.  Vasarely’s method of painting borrowed from a range of influences, including  Bauhaus design principles, Wassily Kandinsky, and Constructivism.

Size 38 x 28  good antique condition 

FRENCH silkscreen Victor VASARELY Poster Midcentury galerie Lahumiere