Made in France in the late 1950's  task lamp/lampe floor  is most likely a design inspired by Serge Mouille  , regional company used to order  part and design to reassembled them for their own label.Serge  Mouille (24  December 1922 - 1988) was a French industrial  designer and goldsmith.  He is best known for his light  fixture designs  , His wall-mounted spot light fixture with articulated arms is  typical for his discrete, yet highly functional designs.  Mouille work was  usually black  the shape of the globe is reminiscent of his design . It is  a vintage piece not a latter date production  , Disderot come to mind also  .The inside  Arm can extend to 50 "by sliding it from the rod of the base .

Rewired , size fully extended  :32 to 56 , globe : 8 x 4.good  antique condition ,there is some scratches from normal use


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    2017 Jean Camille For Style French Antiques 

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