FRENCH  art deco lamp  store  display , the slogan and picture were created in 1936 , some feel that the advertising slogans and images are racist and colonialist as it reinforces the old cliché of a friendly yet stupid African. Some French black people connect this stereotype with aggressive colonialist policy in Africa of the global group Unilever, the old unique owner of the brand. The Martiniquan psychiatrist and philosopher Frantz Fanon, in his 1952 book Black Skin, White Masks, mentions the grinning Senegalese tirailleur as an example of how in a burgeoning consumer culture, the Negro appears not only as an object, but as "an object in the midst of other objects".

It is an interesting artifact of the way thing  use to be advertised 

H.21 , box 4x4x7 , orginal not a reproduction , from the way it is built it look original .


FRENCH art deco Display advertisement store lamp Banania

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