Made in France in the late 1950's this chandelier  is most likely a design from Guariche ( it is attributed to him on diverse site ) ,  possibly for Arlus, regional company used to order part and design to  reassembled them for their own label . Original brass  ,plastic plate and Plexiglas shade .It  is the last time in France that it was possible to produce and offer brass  pieces of this quality , the mass production of the 1960's was just around the  corner and turned the page on small atelier to open the age of cost saving . I  also posted the floor lamp from this series .The brass arm are articulated on a brass ball ( very much like a Guariche design )so it can move in a 90% angle .

Rewired , size H.29 x W.17 x 17   ,the rod can be made shorter or longuer  , rewired with a US socket

FRENCH Midcentury modernist Chandelier Disderot Guariche ARLUS