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Logerot drew inspiration from renowned cartographers such as Fremin, Dufour, Dyonnet, and Vuillemin, crafting a collection that comprised maps, atlases, folding case maps, and intricate jigsaw puzzle maps. He was operating from 55 Quai des Augustins in Paris with other publishers .


Logerot and Fremin collaborated on various atlases during the 1840s, with one of their editions serving as the foundation for this collection. It is important to note that these items weren't merely children's toys; they served as authentic educational tools. The maps, such as the one depicting Africa, reflect the geographic knowledge of the time, dating back to around 1840. Notably, the map of the United States included Texas, California, and New Mexico as part of Mexico, as these regions were still in dispute before 1846. The Oregon Treaty of 1846 had not yet been updated to reflect British Columbia as part of the United States' territory.

Although these peculiar maps and atlases are rare and often found in less than pristine condition, they remain some of the most entertaining and whimsical educational tools in the realm of 19th-century geography.

The cartographer Fremin, A. R. (active from around 1810 to the mid-19th century), played a significant role in the early to mid-19th century geography. He was known to have studied under the renowned cartographer Jean-Baptiste Poison.

Unfortunately, there is no available information regarding the publisher Huet.

The puzzle maps themselves measure 18 x 13 x 2 inches, while the accompanying box dimensions are 20 x 13 inches. They are in good condition, with hand-colored engravings.

For additional information, please feel free to reach me at 310-994-6009. If you are interested in shipping outside the United States, do not hesitate to contact me for pricing and information regarding the condition of the items.

French jigsaw puzzle by Auguste Logerot full set 19th Century Fremin geo

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