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The game of Nain Jaune or Yellow Dwarf (French: Le jeu du nain jaune, also formerly called Lindor, is an "attractive and unique traditional French card game" using a board comprising five compartments or boxes. It is a reasoned game of chance because it combines the hazards of card distribution with the strategy of building suits .The french suite being full body placed the  creation between 1830 to 1850 .The "Général Tom Pouce" ( mentioned in print )was a dwarf who was one of the main attractions of the Barnum Circus; around 1850, it revived interest in dwarves and at the same time for the game born in the 1700s.

Attractive Chromolithography , 12 x 9.5 x 2 , good condition .

The box of vintage token is a separate sale 

If you seek further information, you can reach me at 310 994 6009 , for those looking to have it shipped abroad, do  contact for a personalized quote on pricing.

French board game Nain Jaune 1830/1850 full body french suite Tom Pouce

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