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French Art vase  made in the 1930's  ( from the signature Emile Simonod (1893-1977) , he stopped producing pottery with ceramic in the late 1930's to exclusively paint. He was a multi talented artist , poet , painter and ceramist on a quest to  celebrate simple beauty.This pieces has 3 different scene representing the harvesting of summer .Simonod created in 1926 the Savoyard Pottery, then in 1928, the Savoyard Industrial Society of Pottery Artistic (SISPA). The company, which will employ up to 16 people, including four decorators, will cease operations around 1940.Simonod wanted his works to be useful objects first. "To make art, yes, but adapted to all the needs of everyday life and to be the dispensers of the pleasant face of the home," he said.Its enamels, based on metal oxides, brought to the Savoyard pottery hitherto unknown tones. A metallization process, invented by Simonod around 1930, interested many foreign countries, including the Americans, and gave his work an original touch.

Size H.15 in  x D.y (larger part) 2 , good antique condition .

I can be reach at the 310 994 6009 if you want more info , for shipping outside the US please contact me for pricing and condition


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