Janvier was a geographer working from the mid to the late 18th century , his name is associated with mostr of the prominent editor including  Delamarche , Desnos , Bone and Zannoni.It mentioned the "sea of west" which was wishfull thinking that there was a nothern passage from the Atlantic to the pacific in the form of a sea covering the North west of  northern America . The Amiral De Fonte description of a possible entrance  could be a fabrication , no proof of the existance of this navigator has been verified.

Janvier, Jean Denis fl. 1746-1779  Jean Janvier also known as "Sieur Jean Janvier" and "Robert Janvier"

2 1 x 15.5

Condition report: Good condition; light toning and occasional faint age spots; some marginal handling marks

Large French map of the Americas published by Sr Janvier 1762 sea of the west