Important map of Guillaume de L'Isle corrected by Philippe Buache and edited by Dezauche in 1800 ,after the conclusion of the American revolutionary war and the treaty of Paris Dezauche updated the new frontier from the 1703 original first De L'Isle drawing .This map is full of interesting historical fact , one is the presence in Poland of the result of The 1793 Second Partition of Poland , it the second of three partitions (or partial annexations) that ended the existence of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth by 179. The division was ratified by the coerced Polish parliament (Sejm) in 1793 (see the Grodno Sejm) in a short-lived attempt to prevent the inevitable complete annexation of Poland .Overall a fascinating map to study. The King’s name is removed from the title ( cartouche )and De l’Isle and Buache are referred to as First Geographers to the Academy of Science, rather than the King since we are now in the consulate's Napoleon era. It would make a great set framed on a wall .

26.3/4 x 21 inches , cooper plate engraving .Condition report: Good condition; light toning and occasional faint age spots; some marginal handling marks . I guaranty my Antiques to be original.


De L'Isle Philippe Buache Engraved cooper map of Europe 1800