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Made  in France in the late 1920's  early 1930's, this chandelier is signed  Muller grande verrerie de Croismare whose renowned work was highly desired for their chandeliers and art glass pieces. However, the crash of 1929 severely impacted their business, leading to the permanent closure of the Muller Freres studios in 1936. Featuring an original rometal  mounting with original glass shade .It is the last time in France that it was possible to produce and offer pieces of this quality; the mass production of the 1950's was just around the corner, and the page was turned on small ateliers, to make way for the age of cost saving. It will fit any modernist interior, and can bring a warmer touch to a pure Eames style furniture set.


Size H.32 in  D.20 x W.20  in  vasque 16 in . fitted with adapter for US  bulb  

For questions or concerns please contact Jean at 310 994 6009

French Art-Deco marmoreal Chandelier Muller grande verrerie de Croismare

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