Vario refers to the type of shutter used in the camera. The shutter is the part that opens and closes to allow light onto the film to capture the image. Vario shutters were developed by the Gauthier camera company in Germany. The first Vario was a two-leaf photography unit introduced in 1912.Steinheil München was a German optical company. It made camera lenses from the XIXth century until at least the 1970s.In 1866 it invented the Aplanat lens.Steinheil made a few cameras at various times, and during the late 1940s, it developed an advanced 35mm camera with interchangeable lenses, the Casca.

include leather case , seems to be in working condition .

6 in x 3 .14 in x 6 in fully open


Camera Vario German vintage Steinhell Cassat