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 Beringer is best known for portable wooden sundials with scales printed on paper glued to the wood. These included cube dials and diptych dials.Some of Beringer's sundials were collaborations made with Georg Paul Seyfried, who was also a master compassmacher. Seyfried became a master in 1776, so the Beringer -Seyfried dials likely date from 1777 on.

Model with a plumb line most likely replaced at some later date.

Polyhedral sundials represent the culmination of knowledge in gnomonics and demonstrate the ability and scholarship of the gnomonist. As they have different faces, these are not illuminated at the same time, so that depending on the path of the sun in the sky, one or the other is illuminated depending on the time and can thus be seen or viewed from different angles.

Small paper  miss on the name  ( D)  , rotating part a little loose , overall  good condition .

H.7.5 in x Base 3x4 in , cube 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 in



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