Boxed set of 8 jigsaw puzzles published around 1843 by Hyacinthe Langlois. A wonderful example of an early nineteenth century French educational tool for teaching geography to young children.The mahogany box with inlaid frame and the word 'Atlas' contains maps of the World, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean with Australia and a chart about cosmography.. All puzzles with the original card boards with cloth strips to get it out of the box.

H.Langlois (1766-1835) was a  Libraire , also  cartographer, author and editor of numerous geography books.

Over all good condition with some oxidation and small paper loss in the Pacific Ocean map ( in the commentary  text ) , some  loss in the commentary text of Europe , all the map easily readable and complete  .

box : 12 x 9.3/4 x 3.1/4

map : 8.1/4 x 9.3/4 

Scarce set , I  found only one reference to this  puzzle atlas , feel free to ask question at the 310 994 6009 

Atlas Puzzle Geography 1843 H. Langois dissected map