Globe Terrestre à Paris chez Delamarche géographe  rue de Jardinet N°. 12 .The sphere is Ptolemaic, with the Earth placed at its centre; two discs, representing the Moon and the Sun, rotate around the terrestrial globe. The sphere is composed of six horizontal and two vertical rings (armillaire), each bearing graduations .On the death of Charles-François  Delamarche in 1817, the reins of the company passed to his son Félix Delamarche  (1779-1835), who continued to publish, often in collaboration with the engraver Charles Dien, Senior. In 1835 the company first moved to rue du Jardinet n. 12 and a little later to rue du Battoir n. 7. Tasmanie is still listed as Terre de Diemen  so it point to an early 1830 for the editing of ther globe .I included a picture of a possible  match with a Charles  Diens terrestrial globle from 1844   to display  a pair  ( sold separately ) .

H.19 , first globe D.9 , overall circle D.12  , feel free to  call me at the store 310 994 6009 for questions 

Armillary Ptolemic Paris chez Delamarche géographe