intage Brass Lampe Pigeon or Pigeon lamp from France and it dates to 1900- 1910. These lamps were invented by Charles Pigeon in the 1880'S They burnt gasoline and thus were designed to be a non exploding cheap form of lighting. They burnt a simple rope wick that was also cheap and so they became quite popular. These lamps were embossed on the front with the Lampe Pigeon logo as well as the non exploding guarantee and other trade marks. This lamp was also made to be hung on a nail or hook as well. On the handle of this particular lamp is the Lampe Pigeon Guarantee of 10000 French Francs to the individual who could get this lamp to explode. This guarantee was embossed on the lamps that were produced between 1900 and 1910. It was eventually removed because Charles Pigeon got tired of dealing with injuries from people trying to claim the 10000 Francs. This lamp was also guaranteed to be leak proof. There is a piece of thick felt inside the brass tank that would absorb the gasoline and it would be transferred to the wick. This lamp is being sold mostly for its aesthetic appearance and decorative value..

Good antique condition size H.10


Antique Brass and steel pair of " Lampe Pigeon " 1900