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 This vintage stereoscope uses a chain view loading system containing  50 views. Two wooden side buttons allow it to be operated. The cover consists of two pivoting panels, one of which is fitted with a mirror.The top can be open to contol the amount of light needed for viewing. Taxiphote is the name of a series of multiple view stereoscopes based on slide trays. The device was developed by Jules Richard and the first patent dates from 1900. The first models were just called Stéréo Classeur, but soon the name Taxiphote was introduced. It was the most sophisticated stereoscope of its time.

There a several themed slide , family life , weeding and some geographique view. Being more than 100 years old the mecanism of the carousel need sometime some help to turn correctly , the lens move one way but sometime need to be push back in place when done .Overall it can be use with some care .

H.17.5 in x W.10 x D.10  in.  slide  7 x 3.5 in , most in good condition some fading 

Antique 19th.French tabletop stereoscope viewer Taxiphote Jules Richard

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