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Made in the 1950's this was originally designed in England in the 1930's as an engineering workshop task lamp. George Cawardine, an automotive suspension designer, based his working prototype on the dimensions & constant-tension jointing principle of the human arm. The manufacturers, Herbert Terry & Sons, were originally approached for components, but were so impressed with the design, that they agreed to make it. It is a later edition of this model , unsigned but with the similar mecanism.The shape of the reflector point to the late 40's early 50's , it is attributed to Terry & Sons on several dealers  site. There is still the possibily that a concurent  created his own version of this iconic light , in any case it is vintage .

H.36 ( fully open ), good antique condition . light scratch and oxidation on stripped metal , fitted with a new US socket .Working retail condition 

Anglepoise desk lamp in the manner of Herbert Terry industrial task lamp 1950

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