This 7 inches French globe is a "forest  " with an address in Paris , 17 rue de Buci ,  this company  was a School supply and a map editor company during the 19th. century which disappeared in the early 20th. The printing is really nice and well done , this type of globe belong to the tradition of globe making of the 19th century : 12 full gores on a solid ball of plaster .The wood mount is Napoleon III in style ( Violet-Leduc) but was in use until the early 20th. The Forest company is a very well know French company which produced until the 1950's and become " Taride" in later date.  It is in excellent condition ,  I believe  is a good value in term of  historical content and decorative cachet.   Israel is not yet on the map , leningrad , Austria   part of Germany ,Manchuria  occupied ( Manchukuo )  so it point to the early 1930.               Size : 7" globe , H 14 , very good condition