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This globe is from 1900 to 19170,  It shows Petrograd , Russian not yet URSS  ( 1914/1924), Yugoslavia is not yet formed so it is pre1920, Hungary is independent , Germany is till named Prusse . Please feel free to Email with question to insure accuracy  , we can check the railways line or country boundaries . The surface condition is  good , no scratches  , there is some restoration over a part of the Pacific ocean . Overall the countries are easy to read and discern. The printing is really nice and well done , this type of globe belong to the tradition of globe making of the 19th century : 12 full gores on a solid ball of plaster .The wood mount is Napoleon III in style ( Violet-Leduc) but was in use until the early 20th. Little is know about  G.Thomas [1840-1903]  beside  beside being the succesor of E. Bertaud  [1840-1903 , Bertaud itself being the sucessor of Felix Delamarche  .  It is in excellent condition ,  I believe  is a good value in term of  historical content and decorative cachet , small globe are scarce compared to the large school globe 
Size H.13 in  x D .6 in , good condition ,  I can be reach at the 310 994 6009 if you want more info , for shipping outside the US please contact me for pricing and condition .

1900/1917 Small G.Thomas antique terrestrial globe 6 inches

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