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This chest of drawer is an original piece from the 18th century   not a later date reproduction ( period  (1715-1774),  The commode has a bombe contour and veneered in reverse-grained wood , two  drawers ( usual number on those chest ) with ormolu handles in shape of scrolls  and foliage ,cariatide ormolu on the side .Those are refereed as "provincial "  due to the simpler ormolu that was used in the province versus the more  elaborate rococo exuberance of the French court in Paris .The handle are nicely  polished by more than 200 years of use .There are a lot of " in the style " to  be found online but few available pieces produced in the time period in order to be a real  antique .

Russo levanto marble top: this is a precious variety of marble  that has been quarried for many years, the Romans having used this marble  particularly for floors and columns. As with this top this variety of marble  typically has a blood-red background with white veins turning to purple red

Those pieces blend well  with art deco or modern style due to their inexhaustible well design proportion  and grace , they do bring a warm touch and soulful presence to any interior .I  purchased it from a reputable auction in France first hand with the billing  including the age and condition as a proof of provenance .

Size H.32 x L.41 x  W.25 , very good antique condition with French polish 

18th Century French Louis XV Gilt Bronze Mounted Kingwood Commode molded marble

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