This 2.5 inches French globe has "J.C & C " on its tag (J. LEBEGUE & CIE / EDITES. / 30, rue de Lille, / PARIS)which comes as J. L & C for the smaller size, it was a School supply company at the turn of the 19th. century.Reference for dating : there is the Free state of Congo (The Congo Free State was a private kingdom owned by Leopold II of Belgium between about 1877 and 1908), Antarctica is not yet explored , that point to the 1880's , there are the sea navigation lines .The bronze base of the Atlas figure feature a lion head on top of the actual subject head , lion head beings used on the Lebegue base repeatedly . It was clearly a desk or " cabinet de curiosities "decorative pieces . The condition is good for a piece of this age ,I avoids using those term lightly but it is an unusual and rare piece .

Info on Lebegue : Lebegue, Alphonse Nicolas 1814 - 1885
Jules Lebegue (son)
Lebègue was a publisher of maps, plans as well as terrestrial and celestial globes, in Paris & Brussels. He was born in Paris in 1814 & died on December 12th 1885 in Brussels. He was the son of the Parisian printer and bookseller Jean Lebègue, with business on the Rue des Noyers, Paris.
In 1854 he established a printing press and publishing house in Brussels, Belgium and becoming A. N. Lebegue and C (ie), becoming one of the best-known publishing houses in the Belgian capital. His business launched a weekly newspaper in 1858, with an Advertising Office that became one of the most popular organs of the local Liberal Partywhile specialising in the works of Pierre Joseph Proudhon . At this time, Lebègue expanded his publishing business into maps, plans and globes. Beside his publishing business, Lebègue wrote several books, often novels of a historical nature and during the second empire, became close to the French publisher Hetzel
Alphonse was the uncle to both Alphonse-Nicolas Lebègue (1856-1938) the French paleographer and Ernest Lebègue (1862-1943) the French historian. He died on December 12, 1885 in Brussels, leaving his business to his son Jules Lebègue.

Size: globe D. 3 inches , H.16 , overall good condition some oxidation