This 14 inches French globe is a "Forest  " with an address in Paris , 17 rue de Buci ,  this company  was a School supply company at the turn of the 19th. century which disappeared in the early  XX Th.  The cast iron  base in the style of Violet-Leduc   usually associated with the Napoleon III style indicate an early production   , the  globe is plastered  ball with  12 colored lithographed  paper gore, political  boundaries , red  outline, showing railway ,  track , telegraph cable route , steamship navigation tracks , ocean currents ,  algae floating mass  and  even terrestrial caravan.  There some light stain and  light paper discoloration  , a stabilized crack on the meridian in Africa and the pacific , a touch up in  the middle of Canada ( nothing really missed ). I check the country  to be sure of date : Austria-Hungry is present , Free state of Congo , Indian territory names in the US , Antarctica is not yet explored , that point to the 1880's. This globe has the dates of the European discovery of the different  part of the world .Overall a very decorative globe with an historic value. The condition is good for a piece of this age but is not perfect.H.19 with stand .

Size : 14" globe , H 22.  , it has been  cleaned , there is a  stabilized crack ( glued and touch up ) on the meridian in South America , some  of Africa and the Pacific ocean , it does not distract when observing the piece .

1880's 14" ANTIQUE FRENCH TERRESTRIAL GLOBE Forest cast iron base