1880 antique terrestrial globe L'Institut géographique national de Bruxelles 14 inches

Terrestrial globe edited by by the National Institute of Geography of Brussels . 12 paper gores globe tilted at the angle of the ecliptic resting on a tripod cast iron foot adorned with lion heads and paws. .There is mention of the Mormon in the west United States and some Indian territory, there is the state of Congo not yet " free state of congo " (The Congo State was a private kingdom owned by Leopold II of Belgium between about 1877 and 1908), Antarctica is not yet explored , that point to to early 1880's. The condition is good for a piece of this age but is not perfect. The globe is around an 14" American size. Overall while it is not in pristine condition I believe it is a good value in term of historical content and decorative cachet , it is also to be noted that they are becoming harder to find .It could be a J. Lebègue & Co. who published globes in Brussels, Belgium during this time before to move to Paris . Their small globes are often labeled J.L. & Co. The geographer R. Barbot worked for them, probably in close relationship

L'Institut géographique national de Bruxelles ( creator of this globe ) was supported by Leopold II , the only border mentioned on this globe is precisely the " congo State " border privately own by Leopold II , it is not yet renamed " free State of Congo ", the lions head on the base are also a symbol of the Belgium monarchy .Africa at that time was being colonized without any regard for its inhabitant .

Size: globe D. 14 inches , H.30 , overall fair condition with some oxidation of the paper , browning some of the color but still readable , some stable crack in China and South Africa

1880 antique terrestrial globe L'Institut géographique national de Bruxelles 14