French terrestrial globe with a moon   9  inches diameter with wood base

From the geography  I believe this globe is from 1880  ,  It shows  Romania , no Serbia( 1878)  , Congo is not yet name  free state of Congo ( 1877) and is mostly unexplored ( see  picture) , no  Austro-Hungarian Empire only Autriche  ( Austria). The surface condition  has some crack ,  scratches,  browning  .  Overall most of the countries are easy to read and to discern. The printing is really nice  and well done  , this type of globe belong to the tradition of globe making of the 19th century  : 12 full gores on a solid ball of plaster .The moon is unusual , I have seen  this type of mounting with German globes made by Schotte or Felk  from Prague .The moon is a wood  ball  with some of the paint missing. The mechanism and screw  is in  working condition.  I believe it  is   a good value in term of  historical content  and decorative cachet .

Size:  globe D. 9 inches , H.16 x W.14 in  ,antique condition , some oxidation and crack ,   most of the map readable  with fresh coloring .