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Charles-Francois Delamarche (1740-1817), the founder of the family firm was one of the most important French geographers and mapmakers of the second half of the eighteenth century. Successor to Nicolas Sanson (1600 – 1667), Robert de Vaugondy (1686 – 1766), and Rigobert Bonne (1727 – 1794), whose atlases he reprinted. His son Félix Delamarche (18th century – 1st half 19th century) continued his work. This globe was published by .In 1847 Delamarche transferred the publishing business to Auguste Grosselin, since then almost exclusively dedicated to the production of globes. Alexander died in 1884 so this globe is part of the last lineage of the famous French map maker of the 18th century , globe making was not just a luxury item but was becoming a household item . Edited by Andriveau-Goujon, Eugène 1832-1897 son of Gilbert Andriveau-Goujon, in 1858 he took over the management of the family geographic business which he ceded to Mr. Barrère in 1892.

globe H. 20 D. 10 inches ,Very fresh color , some light touch up in Brazil , some in the Atlantic , all map readable , touch up in the Atlantic ocean ,interesting and scarce globe.

1870 Delamarche French antique terrestrial globe 10 " Andriveau-Goujon editeur

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