A fine and rare 12-inch diameter celestial globe Delamarche , overall the globe is readable with all of its decorative value preserved.
(1st quarter 19th century). This globe was first published in the early 1800's.There is an example of this globe at the Museo Galileo ( Florence italy )dating it to 1805.The globe has constellations drawn with black lines as figures of animals mythological characters, and scientific instruments, those symbols being classical representation since the renaissance . They are cream-colored against a slightly toned tan background. This globe is part of the last lineage of the famous French map maker Delamarche and Vaugondy of the 18th century ,in the early 19th globe making was not just a luxury item but was becoming a household item for the upper middle class .It is engraved from a cooper or metal plate. Signed Delamarche rue Serpente 23 Paris Equatorial circle containing the months and the signs of the zodiac.

Globe H. 22 D. 10 inches ,good condition all map readable with some oxidation of the paper .I guaranty my Antiques to be original.

1800's Delamarche French antique celestial globe 10" cooper engraving