18 inches globe produced by the American maker Rand Mc Nally of Chicago ( a map supplies company) .This globe is an American production. The art nouveau base is cast iron . I place the production date 1925 because Peking is still Peiping in China ( 1928) Constantinople is not yet Istanbul ( 1930) , Leningrad with Petrograd in parenthesis indicating a recent change . The detailing of the globe is very fine with a lot of towns and political details , railroad tracks , and political borders. While the condition is good condition with some oxidation of the paper ( brown spot). The base is in good condition . The overall color are very fresh and well preserved .This globe is one of the first globe made by Rand Mc Nally in a modern style when they stop to import gores from Great Britain .Note that the 1920's were a time of sweeping change making globes of this era particularly interesting .Very little between 1880 and 1920 in the distribution of the borders , after I WW most of the empires and kingdoms disappeared creating a new world which is still trying to come to term with those changes .The compass move freely , the paper on the wood ring is missing , the globe move freely on the axel and the metal meridian slide perfectly.

About Rand MacNally :Rand McNally and Company became a preeminent publisher of maps and atlases in Chicago in the 1870s and 1880s, then ventured into globe making in the 1890s, and continues in business today. As noted by scholar and librarian Cynthia H. Peters, the company "has become synonymous with mapmaking in American life," and their success highlights the movement of the American map publishing industry's center of gravity from the East to the Midwest."

1872 The first-ever Rand McNally map appears in the December 1872 issue of the Railway Guide; Rand McNally uses a new wax engraving method, which significantly reduces the cost of printing maps S

Size: globe D. 18 inches x H.32 , overall good condition .I guaranty my Antiques to be original


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