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his 12 inches globe is made by the Replogle m ( a school supplies company and map company) . The art deco base is unusual being a short production reflecting the " space age " influence of the 1930's .I place the production date mid to late 1930's pre WWII : Leningrad 1924 , Manchuria in China is occupied by Japan ( 1931 become Manchukuo).Very good condition with slight touch up , overall a very decorative piece with an historical value. It is a plastered cardboard ball plastered in one piece , the gores are still one complete piece going from pole to pole in the manner of the 19th globe making, it includes an Almena .

Luther Irwin Replogle, founder of Replogle Globes, Inc., first entered the globe business as a salesman for Weber-Costello . He subsequently worked for Denoyer-Geppert . In 1930 he "began making globes in his basement in Chicago" Replogle's first globe was 12 inches in diameter and retailed at $25.00 circa 1931. Due to the fact that Replogle was unable to buy gores from any globe company in the US (those already in business did not relish competition), the first Replogle globes were produced with gores imported from Great Britain (Kobler 82, 84). The business was given a significant boost in 1933 when Replogle produced an 8-inch globe to be sold as a souvenir at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. Nearly 100,000 were sold by Marshall Field & Company for a $1.75

Size : 12" globe , H 18 .The condition is good, there is some light scratch on the black ( see picture ). I guaranty my Antiques to be original


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