10" antique table terrestrial globe WEBER COSTELLO propeller bASE black globe 1930

10 inches black ocean globe produced by the American maker Weber Costello of Chicago( a map supplies company). It is an American production from the early 1930 .This model with different base and size globe was produced from 1935 to the early 1960,the black ocean are the more desirable .

About Weber Costello & Co :Weber Costello & Co. was a major school supply company that sold a large variety of globes from about 1907 to the early 1970s. The company was the successor to the 19th century firm A.H. Andrews & Co. and was called C.F. Weber & Co. for several years around the turn of the century before being renamed Weber Costello. For its terrestrial globes, the company used a variety of globe gores, some imported, and some manufactured in the United States. They also supplied globes to other school supply companies.

( presence of Manchukuo ,Manchuria Japanese occupied ,Austria not yet annexed to Germany ), the base whick look like some propeller is unique ?

Size: globe D. 10 inches x H.16 inches , overall good condition , all land mass easy to read without missing part .

10" antique table terrestrial globe WEBER COSTELLO propeller BASE black globe